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5 Port Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

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8 Port Managed Ethernet Switch

Price: R 1,671.00 Excl.Vat

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Isolated USB to RS-232

Price: R 1,833.00 Excl.Vat

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Ethernet to RS-232/422/485

Price: R 2,515.00 Excl.Vat

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PLC Group South Africa

PLC Group is the Largest Technology Distributor, Project House and Manufacturing Facility in South Africa for Industrial Automation, Intelligent Connectivity, IoT Edge Intelligence and Power Management solutions. The company was formed over 15 years ago and has since grown to be a leading supplier of innovative products, engineering services and technical support to the electrical, electronic and mechanical sectors in South Africa. We believe that the most effective way to achieve customer satisfaction and optimal performance in the industry, is to provide a comprehensive service, based on integrating a range of engineering disciplines. PLC Group strives to excel in completing our client’s projects on time and within budget – ultimately achieving total customer satisfaction.