Embracing the recent trends of IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence, PLC Technology Group supplies IoT Hardware, Software and Industry 4.0 solutions to assist partners and customers with integrating industry chains. Together with our Partners, we are co-creating the future of the IoT World, and offer intelligent platforms, that enables intelligent businesses around the world.

Advancing Key Growth Areas in Industry 4.0, Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, Energy & Environment and Transportation

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is set to open up a new era of industrial applications, booming opportunities, and economic growth. The IIoT is a matrix of networks that connects people with data and intelligent machines in order to optimise industrial operations, productivity and efficiency.

To support the growth of IIoT, PLC Technology Group provides hardware and software services and products that build the IIoT infrastructure and strengthen their offerings with four layers, including IoT Sensing Devices, Edge Intelligence Servers (EIS), IoT Cloud Platforms and Solutions Ready Packages (SRP).

PLC Technology Group is devoted to leveraging its computing, data networking competence to provide customer-centric products and solutions for key growth areas in Industry 4.0, Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, Energy & Environment and Transportation.

Realising Industry 4.0 with Solution Ready Packages (SRP)

Realising Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is transforming manufacturing worldwide. Factory management needs assistance as they either upgrade existing facilities or establish new ones that take advantage of Industry 4.0optimisation. PLC Technology Groups IoT solution architecture enables the development of iFactory Solutions Ready Packages (SRPs) that help customers as they embrace Industry 4.0. PLC Technology Groups SRPS are quick-start tools that enable a stepwise approach to achieving Industry 4.0.

The Industry 4-0 situation room is the most important upgrade to intelligent transformation. The Industry 4-0 situation room is the factory’s nerve centre where data is collected, analyzed, and visualized for real-time management. The situation room is realized with the i Sensing devices, edge intelligent gateways, WISE-PaaS software platforms, and iFactory SRP solutions. iFactory solutions facilitate machine connection without replacing existing equipment, allowing for collection of equipment status data, product data, and environment data. Data acquisition enables production monitoring, data integration with MES, and visualisation on the situation room dashboard for production optimisation and data-driven decision making.

The WebAccess App enables push notifications of unexpected downtime, allowing immediate action to be taken. PLC Technology Group realises the intelligent factory from a user perspective, and helps customers embrace Industry 4.0.