Assembly Line iWorkstation Solution

Real-time Data Acquisition and Visualization for Assembly Operation Optimization

It’s tough to make a buck in manufacturing today while products are increasingly complex and require more assembly steps. Advantech offers assembly line monitoring solutions with a simple IoT architecture to improve the assembly operation. In addition to collecting data from the assembly process, the solutions also enable data analysis and visualization, as well as integrate with WISE-PaaS platform for industrial APP applications. The factory managers can be in full control of all the details happening on the line for real-time management to optimize assembly operations.

Software Diagram

System Architecture

alis system architecture

Feature Highlights

Assembly Workstation Management

The solution allows workstation data to be collected, analyzed and visualized as all kinds of assembly line information and key performance indicators for managers to optimize assembly operations.

Automated eSOP Management

SOPs are easily mismanaged under manual paper-based processes. The automated eSOP system solves the shortcomings of prior approach by scanning barcode to have the lasted SOP e-documents.

ESD Real-time Monitoring

The ESD monitoring system alerts immediately if there is any disconnect from the operator to ground, thereby shortening the corrective action loop and controlling the ESD environment.

Industrial Applications

Computer Industry

  • Computer manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to improve workplace efficiency
  • Enabled data visualization management of the assembly line information for optimizing operation efficiency

Communication Products

  • Telecommunication manufacturing expects productivity improvement and quality control of manual assembly lines
  • Ensured product quality and improved on-time deliveries of products and services.

Consumer Electronics & Appliances

  • Very often consumer electronics and appliance manufacturers need abundant labor force for their assembly lines
  • Reduced labour costs by eliminating wasted time and improving process flow

Automotive Assembly

  • The automotive industry requires highly flexible and changeable assembly systems to increase productivity
  • Improved automotive assembly reliability and quality with long-term stable operation

SRP Visualization

Work Order Status

  • WIP Information
  • Accumulated Production Quantity
  • Production Yield Rate
  • Error/Warning Messages

Assembly Dashboard

  • Assembly Line Information
  • Work Order Completion Rate
  • Production Yield Rate
  • Production Efficiency

Performance Management

  • Abnormality Index
  • Abnormality Analysis
  • KPI Status
  • Incident Records of Work Orders

Trend Report

  • Monthly Work Order Completion Rate
  • Monthly Production Yield Rate
  • Monthly Production Efficiency

ESD Status

  • ESD Personnel Anti-static Detection
  • Abnormal Alarm
  • ESD Report Management