Factory Energy Management Solution

Centralized Monitoring and Data Management for Energy Efficiency Optimization

In today’s harsh economic climate, most manufacturers are seeking ways to save cost. Best-in-class manufacturers are already road mapping plant strategies to implement energy management in the factory for decreasing energy consumption per unit production. For this Factory Energy Management Solution (FEMS), Advantech’s iFactory Solution Ready Package (SRP) integrates hardware and software within industrial applications where typically a 7-10% energy saving can be achieved in facilities, compared to where FEMS SRP is not used. Based on real-time data obtained from smart meters, FEMS SRP allows users to monitor energy consumption information, accurately evaluate energy costs, and optimize energy efficiency, aiding business intelligence strategies for energy management.

Three Steps to Enhance Your Factory Energy Saving with FEMS SRP


Data Acquisition

With WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink edge data acquisition software, data collected from different machines and multiple facilities goes through FEMS edge into one single platform, either on-premises or in the cloud platform.


Data Computing & Visualization

With WebAccess/SCADA software, data can be aggregated in the FEMS server, or directly transmitted into the WISE-PaaS cloud platform. Data is analyzed and visualized as energy management assets with the iFactory/FEMS application.


Central Management

Using contextualized and visualized FEMS data, both real-time and historical, in the Industry 4.0 Situation Room, supports managers to have continuous energy saving activities by PDCA cycle and visualization management.

Digitizing Energy Management with FEMS SRP

Reducing project lead time and providing value-added services is important for future-ready business.

  • Customizable and expandable service. Simple, intuitive interface with easy configuration tools and tailor-made dashboards enable high reliability and flexibility to develop value-added services with reduced project time, risk and costs.
  • New business opportunities. With rapid project implementation and value-added services, competitive advantage and new business opportunities can be earned today to comply with tomorrow.

Energy management combined with production management is crucial for centralized operation optimization and control.

  • Easy deployment and maintenance. Single platform for automation and energy management allows fast implementation, easy scalability, user-friendly maintenance, and seamless integration with 3rd party software and database.
  • Data integration. The digitally enabled convergence of information technology and operation technology provides the infrastructures to navigate the energy management landscape for operation excellence.

Software Diagram

System Architecture

Feature Highlights

Real-time Data Management

Energy consumption and cost of utilities can be measured on the basis of hour, day, month, or year, by individual, aggregated departments, or corporate level. By setting benchmarks and comparing current performance with set targets, it is easy to analyze the use of energy and utilities to support energy efficiency improvements.

Real-time Data Management

Performance calculation, data displays and reports can be easily visualized using dashboard tools. The navigation menu and dashboard displays can be customized from the user interface, including trends, graphs, diagrams and tables. It also provides KPI and alarm management functions.

SRP Visualization

Energy Consumption Overview

fems visualization-1

An overview of past energy profiles and current energy consumption data provides a systematic approach to identify problem areas and prime targets for energy reduction.

Meter Status

fems visualization-2

When the power connection is lost, an alert notification of meter status change is sent immediately to prevent energy data loss.

Energy Consumption and Cost Analysis

fems visualization-3

Production is usually the largest energy consuming part of a factory. Energy consumption data and costs can be analyzed and compared with utility bills to help improve energy efficiency and wastage.

Machine Utilization and Energy Efficiency

fems visualization-4

Production-integrated energy management enables machine availability tracking with machine energy consumption, to enhance operational efficiency and allow preventive maintenance.



Improve Efficiency

  • Visualize factory energy data
  • Prevent low performance operation of equipment
  • Improve energy cost per unit
  • Enhance KPI tracking and management

Reduce Waste

  • Enable transparency on energy usage
  • Ascertain the cause of unusual energy consumption
  • Eliminate routine waste
  • Improve stand-by operation

Increase Profit

  • Reduce energy cost
  • Cut down unnecessary waste
  • Improve productivity and management
  • Enhance awareness of energy efficiency improvement

Application Story

Keep One Step Ahead of the Competition with Factory Energy Management


Founded in 1984, Gigatek is a global, full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) company based in Taiwan, with additional facilities in China and the United States. Over past few years, Gigatek has worked more closely with green supply chains as the environmental focus shifted.


Gigatek found a big increase in its electricity bill, and its monthly expenditure went up continuously. Gigatek wanted to reduce energy consumption, but suffered from a lack of detailed energy usage information needed for future improvements. Additionally, the management wanted to know the energy consumption status of each department for further management, and requested to set up a management KPI and alarms if deviations led to huge bills.


Gigatek turned to Advantech for a reliable factory energy management solution, and invited Snetech, its subsidiary company that works as system integrator, to implement energy management systems in its buildings and factories.

  • Customizable and scalable platform allows future upgrades and maintenance with new functionalities.
  • Factory energy management dashboard for analyzing energy usage and costs resulting in data-driven actionable insights.


With Advantech’s factory energy management solution, energy efficiency of Gigatek has been effectively improved.

  • Quick project implementation that runs smoothly and reduces cost and maintenance effort.
  • Reduced energy costs due to reduced energy consumption and production waste.