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Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 with PLC Groups Video AI Solution

PLC Groups Video AI solution is aimed at precise facial recognition and temperature scanning to support disease prevention inspections. Because measuring body temperature manually exposes public safety personnel to potential health risks, PLC Groups Video AI solution enables non-contact temperature measurements to drastically reduce cross-contamination and infection. After conducting temperature scanning and identity detection, the system transmits all collected data to a centralized management center for real-time health monitoring. Moreover, the solution can be integrated with existing surveillance equipment to ensure easy integration and rapid deployment in diverse usage scenarios.

How does it work?

Social Distance Monitoring

Identify people and measure their distance from each other to enforce social distancing and ensure public safety.

People Capacity Monitoring

Count and track the number of people in a location. If the maximum capacity has been reached, the system will emit a warning alert.


Visitor Fever Screening

Integrated with thermographic camera and facial recognition technology, the solution can be used to automatically scan all visitors to identify potential infection risks.


Infection Management with Facial Recognition

The inclusion of facial recognition technology enables intelligent surveillance for contact tracing to ensure optimum infection management.

Visitor Fever Screening - System Architecture

fever screening diagram

The Complete Solution


1 x UCAM-220TT-U01

Thermographic Smart Camera - Turret/3mm


1 x EKI-2525PA-AE

5-port 10/100Mbps unmanaged POE Ethernet switch

1 x USM-210UIP-P1E-C

Fever Screen Manager - 4 Display port

1 x USM-260VFR-G1E-C

Video AI Facial Recognition Edge

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