Hospital iWard

Innovating Nursing Care and Patient Experience

Intelligent Ward Solutions: Innovating Nursing Care & Patient Experience

Traditional wards have nurse call buttons or phones for patients to communicate with nurses, but they do not offer instant notification, which results in long wait times and patient mistrust toward nursing staff. Intelligent wards allow faster communication of patient’s needs to the nursing staff and facilitates an innovative nursing care SOP that improves service quality as well as patient satisfaction through the system. Also, the bedside information system includes additional services traditional wards are not equipped with, and makes the real value.

System Architecture


Feature Highlights

Nursing Dashboard

  • Decreasing the staffing workload
  • Managing staffing schedule efficiently

Control Center & IP Nurse Call

  • Monitoring real-time patient status
  • Generating statistics for inpatient settings

Medication Management

  • Enhance CLMA distribution
  • Safe in patient medication administration

BIT (Bedhead Information Terminal)

  • Real-time bedside information
  • Optimizing care delivery workflow

PIT (Patient Information System)

  • Delivering patient-centered care
  • Presenting treatment plans

Vital Sign Measurement

  • Collect and upload vital sign data wireless
  • Check & confirm upon measurement

Application Story

Yuanlin Christian Hospital - A Benchmark for Intelligent Hospitals

Yuanlin Christian Hospital (YCH) is a new medical institution that affiliated with the Changhua Christian Hospital, and holds a significant place in the history of medicine in Taiwan. YCH is the first ever intelligent hospital in Asia to integrate intelligent systems with patient services, medical procedures, and energy management. The hospital not only provides all the convenience and functionality of a modern healthcare facility, but also marks Taiwan’s transition into an era of fully intelligent medicine.

Intelligent Wards Bring Patients and Nurses Closer Together

Traditional wards typically feature nurse call buttons or phones for patients to communicate with nurses. However, these buttons/phones do not offer instant notifications, which can lead to long wait times and patient mistrust of nursing staff. By contrast, YCH wards have been fitted with bedside information terminals that feature touch-controlled nurse call buttons for contacting nurses with a single touch. The electronic messaging system then notifies all on-call nurses, regardless of their location, of the request for assistance via an instant message sent to their hand-held device (mobile phone or tablet PC). Patients wishing to order a meal or adjust their medication no longer have to make in-person requests at the nurses station. With a simple touch of their nurse call button, they can send a message to the nurses station. The electronic messaging system also reduces the risk of errors or forgotten requests.

SRP Visualization

Nursing Dashboard

Bed usage rate & patient’s status

Bedhead Information Terminal

Realtime patient’s basic information

Patient Information Terminal

Personalized treatment & medication