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Fighting Corona Virus

PLC Group’s Video AI solution is aimed at precise facial recognition and temperature scanning to support disease prevention inspections. Because measuring body temperature manually exposes public safety personnel to potential health risks, Advantech’s Video AI solution enables non-contact temperature measurements to drastically reduce cross-contamination and infection.

2020 Industrial IoT World Partner Conference Highlights

Driving Digital Transformation of IoT Industries is the main theme of the year for Advantech world partner conference and focuses on advancing growth in several key areas: Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Industrial AI, Cloud IoT, and Edge-to-Cloud technology updates. We believe collaboration and co-creation are essential to thrive in the AI and IoT era.

Sensors on the Internet of Things

You’re rarely more than a few feet away from a sensor these days.  There’s a sensor in your smoke detector that tells it to shriek

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things – Industrial Tools vs. Consumer Toys When people talk about the Internet of Things, consumer products like smart refrigerators always seem

The Difference Between M2M and IoT

Recently, while visiting another company that works in the IoT space, I got into a discussion with one of their technical leads. We were talking