PLC Technologies is now part of PLC Group South Africa

Established in 2008, PLC Technologies provided advanced Products and Engineering services to the Automation, Electrical and Mechanical sectors. This had been achieved by having over 15 years’ experience within the automation, electrical and mechanical industry. The company strived to excel in completing their client’s projects on time and within budget – ultimately achieving total customer satisfaction. PLC Technologies excelled in the Intelligent Connectivity sector for nearly a decade.

In September 2019 PLC Group South Africa acquired PLC Technologies and became the largest distributor of Industrial Automation, Intelligent Connectivity and Energy Management Solutions in South Africa.

PLC Group Logo

Established in 2009, PLC Group South Africa is the largest distributor of Industrial Automation, Intelligent Connectivity and Energy Management solutions in South Africa. The company has since grown to be a leading supplier of innovative technologies and engineering services to the Factory Automation, Mining and Transportation Industries.

PLC Group South Africa have strategically partnered with leading technology brands from around the world to provide our clients with complete Factory Automation, Energy, Environment, Healthcare and Transportation solutions.

With offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban & Port Elizabeth we have serviced the industry in surrounding areas for more than a decade and pride ourselves on the reputation we have earned of always striving for excellence, completing our client’s projects on time and within budget.

In January 2020 PLC Group South Africa introduced 3 new divisions within the company, PLC Distribution, PLC Projects and PLC Manufacturing.

PLC Projects focuses on product distribution, sales and telephone support.

PLC Projects focuses on managing and implementing our solutions and technical support services on site.

PLC Manufacturing focuses all of its attention on the manufacturing side of the business, creating, developing and manufacturing components, machines and solutions.

We believe that PLC Group South Africa can be an extension for products, services and manufacturing that are requird by our customers, effectively achieving total customer satisfaction.