Situation Room for IoT Solutions

Visualizing Structured IoT with Dashboards

SR100 Situation Room is a solution-ready package that enables visualization of all IoT applications.This offering includes a full HD LCD wall, multi-screen media player, all-in-one computing system, and Advantech’s unique WISE-PaaS/SignageCMS multi-display software, allowing easy content editing, smart scheduling, and broadcasting while also enabling live data streaming and real-time information display. The power of data visualization permits precise monitoring and management while bringing the power and benefits of IoT to your business.

Software Diagram

Feature Highlights

Application Story

Smart Street Lights: The First Step to Smarter Cities

With the rapid development of IoT, smart cities are gradually becoming part of everyday urban life. City governments are stablishing smarter cities based on cloud computing, mobile devices, big data analysis, and social networks. Smart street lighting is a fundamental part of city infrastructure and a focus for urban innovation as lighting networks become a platform for smart city applications. Smart street lighting is important to the energy onservation mix and the connection of future IoT applications.

Solution Benefits

  • Street light dimming control for energy saving
  • Advanced optimization and maintenance cost reduction
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Air quality and environment condition monitoring
  • Traffic flow and surveillance monitoring
  • Extendable for smart city applications of the future

1. Focal Point

Specific equipment status for operators and managers

2. Interactive Dashboard

Intelligent interactive report for operators and managers

3. Management Scorecard

Overall KPI review for general managers

SRP Visualization