NB-IoT Smart Meter Solutions

Enabling Remote Monitoring and Control for Energy Infrastructure and Utilities

NB-IoT is a wireless communications protocol designed by 3GPP. It accommodates massive deployment by leveraging 4G LTE networks provided by regional telecom operators. NB-IoT’s wireless module solutions, together with the telecom SIM card, Arm Pelion device management platform, and WISEPaaS application server, easily enable a range of smart city applications such as smart street light control, smart meters, and smart parking. Furthermore, 3GPP specifically designed the NB-IoT protocol with a low power consumption mode to fit specific smart city application scenarios.

Advantech’s NB-IoT solution ready platform is designed specifically for smart meter systems through a data communication interface allowing for seamless communication with the NB-IoT wireless module. A telecom SIM card is inserted into the module, allowing for the easy transmission and reception of data to/from Arm Pelion and the WISE-PaaS Smart Meter Service. Device-to-cloud solution ready platforms provide remote wireless monitoring and control for hundreds of millions of smart meter devices.

Software Diagram

System Architecture


Feature Highlights

Easy & Massive Deployment

Long-range wireless communication connects devices anywhere to cellular networks

Long Battery Life

Low power consumption extends battery life up to 10 years

Secure Data Transmission & Provisioning

Arm mbed TLS & enrollment services enhance communication and device security

Smart Meter Management for Energy and Utilities

Automatic meter value collection, event reporting, and remote control

Application Story

Upgrading Gas Infrastructure and Utilities: From Wired to Wireless

  • Massive deployment becomes easy by leveraging telecom network as IaaS
  • Low-power consumption techniques following the 3GPP standard
  • Rich sensor interface and mbed OS peripheral API for client devices
  • Arm Pelion device management platform support
  • WISEPaaS/EdgSense application server support

SRP Visualization

Arm Pelion Device Management

1. Arm Pelion device management, filtering with event alerts, and device enrolling

2. Arm Pelion device provision with secure features

3. Arm Pelion device firmware update

4. Arm Pelion device ID, name, and status list for management

Smart Meter Frontend Server

1. Device user information page displays meter list with control interface

2. Add, edit, or delete user device and show device ID and user information

3. Remote control icon offers interactive interface to downlink control device

4. Interface icon links to single user’s information page

Smart Meter Dashboard - Regional

1. In-device longitude and latitude reporting allows for regional view of user device location

2. Event alerts and information reporting from the device with status, location, and reporting time

3. Summarizes overall smart meter status and usage percentage

4. Tracks monthly totals of energy input and output for quantity comparison and ROI analysis

Smart Meter Dashboard - Single Device

1. Pinpoint individual user device location with precise longitude and latitude reporting from the device

2. Track energy usage, receive event alerts, and get history/status reports for individual smart meter devices

3. Remote control icon offers interactive interface to downlink control device

4. Get the latest smart meter reading numbers and wireless communication device battery life status