Smart Street Lighting Control Solutions

The Fundamental Infrastructure Enabling Smart City Expansion

The Advantech SRP-E2i320 smart street lighting control solution is a cloud-based, plug and play lighting system that collects, analyzes, and transmits information to help you monitor and respond to any circumstance, from traffic and air quality to crowds and noise. The solution consists of Advantech UTX-3117 IoT gateways and a cloud-based smart lighting management system (from In-Park), providing real-time visibility and control over as many as 100,000 street lights at the same time. A map-style monitoring interface and diagnosis engines provide administrators with the current status of all lights and alerts them when any anomalies are detected, so that repairs can be made in a timely manner.

Software Diagram

System Architecture

Feature Highlights

Multiple Connectivity

Connect a wide variety of wire/wireless equipment and sensors with multiple protocol support to save on system installation costs.

Pre-Integrated Devices

Pre-integrated extendable smart city protocol and peripheral drivers for connecting different sensors, street lights and devices.

Real-time Management & Event Alerts

Enable remote monitoring of street lighting and sensor status with event alerts through Advantech’s WISE-PaaS/RMM IoT software service.

Data Pre-processing with Edge Computing

Execute data pre-processing, analytics, and real-time responses with WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense software for better efficiency.

Application Story

Smart Street Lights: The First Step to Smarter Cities

With the rapid development of IoT, smart cities are gradually becoming part of everyday urban life. City governments are stablishing smarter cities based on cloud computing, mobile devices, big data analysis, and social networks. Smart street lighting is a fundamental part of city infrastructure and a focus for urban innovation as lighting networks become a platform for smart city applications. Smart street lighting is important to the energy onservation mix and the connection of future IoT applications.

Solution Benefits

  • Street light dimming control for energy saving
  • Advanced optimization and maintenance cost reduction
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Air quality and environment condition monitoring
  • Traffic flow and surveillance monitoring
  • Extendable for smart city applications of the future

SRP Visualization

1. Focal Point

  • Sensor status

2. Interactive Dashboard

  • Street lights & device map management
  • Key information highlights

3. Management Scorecard

  • Total power saving summary
  • Device failure list
  • Street light maintenance list

Air Quality

  • Distribution of manufacturing sites
  • Machine monitoring highlight
  • 7-day Average OEE for each factory

Street Light Power Consumption

  • Machine status and downtime information
  • Current job information (work order progress)
  • CNC temperature monitoring (spindle, 5-axis)
  • Error event list

Event Record

  • Machine status and downtime information
  • Current job information (work order progress)
  • CNC temperature monitoring (spindle, 5-axis)
  • Error event list