Solar Power Management Solution

Transforming Distributed Energy Resources to Drive the Growth of the Renewable Energy Market

Due to the ever-growing renewable energy industry, more solar power plants are planned for construction and operation worldwide. Current concerns among power plant owners and grid companies include data accuracy, operation efficiency, and asset management. Advantech’s SPMS solution offers a unified monitoring management system, machine-to-intelligence technology, and a solid IoT data framework that can meet most managerial demands.

Software Diagram

spm software diagram

System Architecture

Feature Highlights

Complete System Hierarchy

System designed according to the needs of the platform vendor, system vendor, and end user. Corresponds to industry standards and easily managed.

Situation Room Key Indicators

Each device has their own situation room icon, which can show critical events and give warnings.

Remote Control

The most common failure to solar energy systems are circuit breakers (CB) being tripped accidently. Therefore all CBs must have remote control support.

Application Story

spm application-1

Building solar energy monitoring system for Dubai AI Maktoum International Airport

  • End-to-end solution enables real-time monitoring in the solar glass facilities to effectively reduce carbon emissions and operational costs in a smart manner.
  • The cloud server directly adjusts equipment temperature in response to local conditions, thereby maximizing energy efficiency.
spm application-3

Advantech edge data acquisition solutions improve real-time monitoring efficiency

  • Real-time acquisition of data parameters including radiation, temperature, humidity, and wind direction
  • Data can be transmitted to a central management system via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS-485, and various other interfaces
  • Supports remote access and browsing optimizes remote equipment management efficiency
spm application-2

Distributed solar power station monitoring system

  • Locally qualified for seamless real-time process monitoring of station equipment.
  • User-friendly data analysis interface ensures stable and reliable system operation.
  • Easy maintenance with unified open-source management software.
spm application-4

Data acquisition solutions for distributed solar power stations

  • Based on RISC-technology industrial IoT gateway with support for multiple network transmission protocols and a design that ensures safe operation harsh environments
  • Automatically resumes data transmission upon network reconnection to ensure data integrity and accuracy
  • Supports hundreds of communication protocols, compatible mainstream brands of inverters, combiner boxes, meters, and more

SRP Visualization

srp visualisation

Distributed Solar Power Management System

Field Site Solar Power Management System

spm visualisation-5

Real-time Equipment Status Monitoring

  • Inverter details
  • Earnings trend
  • Efficiency trend chart

Distributed Solar Power Operation and Maintenance Management System

spm visualisation-6

Station Overview

  • Power generation information
  • Overall output power/efficiency
  • Power generation & amount statistics

Centralized Solar Power Operation and Maintenance Management System

spm visualisation-7

Situation Room

  • Solar irradiance
  • Solar panel temperature and efficiency
  • Power generation change chart
  • Environmental monitoring