Energy and Environment

Deploying Cloud-enabled Industrial IoT Solutions for Energy and Environment

Accelerating Your Time-to-Market with Cloud-enabled Energy and Environment Solutions

As the development of IoT and cloud technology, lots of Energy & Environment practices have evolved to remote management using cloud service for further analytics, visualization and machine learning. However, there are still many difficulties system integrator and equipment operators need to overcome, including getting data from wide area, connecting data to different cloud service and making data visible and applicable. To shorten the gap and accelerate our customers’ time-to-market, Advantech devoted to offering Solution Ready Package (SRP) for Energy & Environment markets based on our success of both hardware/software products and domain experience, such as substation, renewable energy, water treatment, and pollution management.

Technology Highlights

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Remote Management

Lastest techologies reduce the deploy effort for connecting devices, thus help our partners to monitoring status remotely in real-time.

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Smart Data Management

We support a variety of protocols to make te sensor and I/O data integration easy and effective in the IoT application fields for our partners.

Machine-to-Intelligence (M2I)

Adopting intelligent IoT devices to get the operation status of machines and facilities for further remote management.

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Enabling IoT Edge Intelligence and IoT Innovative Business Models

Seamless Cloud Connection and Transmission for Smart Factories

Leading HMI Innovations for Smart Factories

Booster for Equipment Manufacturers, Rental Services, and End Users

Seamless Data Connectivity from the Network Edge to the Core

Best Network Edge Solution for Remote Area

Intelligent Wireless Sensing Devices for IoT Big Data Acquisition

Transformation for IIoT’s Wider & Larger Application

Successful Stories

coal mining automatic monitoring system

Advantech Ethernet Switches: Maximizing the Value of Coal Mining Automatic Monitoring System

By implementing Advantech Ethernet switch EKI-5629CI-PN, the coal mine manager solved monitoring problems while also preparing for the future device installation with open network interfaces.

real time oil tanker monitoring

Advantech’s Edge Solutions Enable Real-Time Oil Tanker Monitoring

It is critical for oil importers, port workers, and tanker operators to unload oil safely while obtaining accurate data regarding the quantities of oil unloaded. In this arena, IoT is conducive to creating a synergy of human intelligence and technology.

advanced smart vessel solutions

Worry-Free Voyage: SaierNico joins with Advantech’s WISE-PaaS to Develop Advanced Smart Vessels

Based on Advantech’s WISE-PaaS, SaierNico built an integrated remote monitoring and management system for data acquisition, data transmission, cloud platform configuration modeling, big data analysis, and visualization—realizing real-time vessel perception and greatly reducing the construction, operation, and maintenance costs of smart vessels.

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