Advantech offers iFactory SRPs (Solution Ready Packages) for various automation control solutions to accelerate the implementation of smart manufacturing in Industry 4.0.

Say Hello to Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 transformation is inevitable. The transition does not happen overnight but rather step-by-step. With 4 steps of machine automation, equipment connectivity, process visualization and predictive maintenance for achieving business transformation, Advantech provides value-added products and solutions helping customers to embrace Industry 4.0.

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Real-time Management

No more need to record numbers manually! Data is collected, analyzed, and visualized for zero downtime and real-time management.

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Real-time Management

The truly paperless factory for digital transformation! Process visualization enables production monitoring & MES integration to optimize production.

Real-time Management

The most important upgrade to Industry 4.0! The Industry 4.0 situation room realizes data-driven optimization, management and decision making.

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Production Value per Employee

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iFactory Solutions

Integrated iFactory Cloud Solution

Digitalization and Dashboard Visualization for Smart Factory Management

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Solution

Real-time Machine Availability Management for Maximizing Operational Excellence

Factory Energy Management Solution

Centralized Monitoring and Data Acquisition for Energy Efficiency Optimization

ThinManager Ready Solution (SRP)

Empower Your Thin Client Network with Advantech’s Industrial Grade ThinManager Hardware Platforms

CODESYS and Machine Control Solution

Achieve Real-Time Machine Control with Advantech’s CODESYS Solutions

Modular IPCs Solution

Modular IPCs Provide Flexibility for Industry 4.0 systems and architechture

Edge Computing Solution

Transform and Outperform with Edge Computing Solution

Intelligent CNC Machine Management Solution

Visual OEE and Cross-Factory CNC Management Powered by Cloud Services

Food & Beverage Solution

Achieve Operational Excellence with Advantech’s Food &Beverage Solutions

Assembly Line iWorkstation Solution

Real-time Data Acquisition and Visualization for Assembly Operation Optimization

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