Integrated Railway Solutions Build up Modernized Infrastructure

PLC Group has dedicated resources to designing and developing new products designed for the transportation industry. These products support both railway and roadway applications. Our mission is to enable intelligent transportation systems, which also helps us fulfill our vision of creating and delivering smart city technologies.

Reliable Certifications Ensure Railway Safety

Advantech rugged computer platforms offer modular designs, flexible configurations, redundant power supplies, and safety compliances, helping you build a more secure railway operating environment.

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See Our Railway Solutions

We provide comprehensive solutions for railway signaling, in-train applications, station management and more.

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Intelligent Connectivity, Seamless Travels

We offer solutions and products that connect, transmit, and manage traffic data effectively, which ultimately help our partners and customers around the world to achieve success in building intelligent transportation systems.

See Our Roadway Solutions

Our comprehensive roadway solutions cover various on-road applications, including advanced traffic management, tunnel and bridge management, transport hub solution, ETC, and more.

Featured Products

Railway1 Rolling Stock Controller

Rolling Stock Controller

Railway2 Rugged design Platform

Rugged-design Platform

Railway3 AFC Controller

AFC Controller

Roadway5 Control IPC

Control IPC

Roadway6 Ethernet IO Module

Ethernet I/O Module

Roadway7 Modular IO System

Modular I/O Systems

Roadway8 Human Machine Interface

Human Machine Interface

Roadway1 EKI-7700 Series Ethernet Network Switches

EKI-7700 Series Ethernet Switch

Roadway2 MiniMc Series Fiber MediaConverters

MiniMc Fiber Media Converter