Water Treatment Facility Management Solution

Enhancing Intelligent Management of Water Treatment for Operational Excellence

According to the wastewater data, combined with the water process control model, precise dosing and aeration can be achieved by improving the quality of the effluent water, and reducing the material and energy consumption of the wastewater treatment system.

Software Diagram

wm software diagram

System Architecture

wm system diagram

Feature Highlights

Full control of group overview with key performance index

Meets water quality prediction and early warning mechanism

Water agent saving reduces treatment and labor costs

Reduces operating costs and improve water purification efficiency

Equipment energy saving increases efficiency

Conforms to discharge water standard and biological aeration unit to save energy consumption

Decreased Labor Costs

Efficient solution with stable operation

Application Story

spm application-1

Sewage Treatment Plant Monitoring and Control

  • Uses ORP, PH, DO, MLSS and other water sensor online data to control the return sludge pump; nitrification liquid return pump and the blower to achieve instant control with water biological algorithm for the A2O treatment process system
  • Conforms to discharge water quality standard and system stability
  • Reduced treatment costs, improved system stability, and enhanced functionality
spm application-3

Smart Water Grid and Pump Station Monitoring

  • Secure data during abnormal communication, must replenish and report data during restoration of communication
  • Monitors the system status remotely and upgrade the software functions
  • Refined and expedited water treatment reduces energy usage requirements
spm application-2

River Treatment Monitoring Anytime, Anywhere

  • Real-time treatment monitoring from remote locations
  • Track the operational status of equipment
  • Overview of river treatment processes and on-site contingency measures
spm application-4

Smart Control of Wastewater Treatment Plant for RANITEC CETP

  • Cost-effective integrated solution for seamless implementation
  • Remote supervision of on-site data acquisition with zero data loss
  • Automatic monitoring and control enhances project development and after-sales maintenance

SRP Visualization

wm visualisation

Overview of Critical Water Treatment Station Operations

  • Real-time remote IP camera monitoring of the assets in the field
  • Dosing schedule and progress status
  • Key device management schedule and equipment status

Station Geographical Distribution Map and Operation Status by Color

Group Overview with Key Performance Scorecard

  • Actual and targeted daily sewage treatment performance
  • Cost information and power consumption on key equipment
  • Daily vs. annual sewage treatment quantity

Central iWater Management Solution Home Page

  • Main menu for quick access to key dashboard functions
  • Quick view of alert notifications

Overview of the Current Status of Individual Stations

Real-Time Station Monitoring Station

  • Sewage water treatment process flow
  • Real-time alarm management
  • Pump efficiency
  • Equipment status
  • Discharge water quality indicators

Real-Time Equipment Monitoring

  • Key running parameters
  • Real-time alarm management
  • Basic information
  • Daily water processing capacity and efficiency

Equipment Water-Processing Capacity and Power-Consumption

  • Run chart within 30 days
  • Daily report of operating pumps

Equipment Operation and Maintenance

  • Statistics on equipment abnormalities
  • Maintenance schedule and status report